2019 Chickadee Farms Apprenticeship Program

We will be hiring one apprentice for the upcoming 2019 season!

Chickadee Farms is a 5 acre intensively managed small produce farm started in 2016.

  • Our Certified Naturally Grown farm uses regenerative/organic practices.

  • The farm runs a 24 week CSA program, sells to local restaurants and attends 2 Farmer’s Markets, where high quality produce and relationships are the top priority.

Apprenticeship Goals:

  • An apprentice is an individual interested in receiving hands-on training in all aspects of a trade from preparing the fields to selling at markets.

  • Successful apprentices are active learners, have clear goals, and push their mentors to provide the information they need. Questions and curiosity often spurs innovation!

  • You are seriously considering farming as a career goal. This position is intended to prepare you for the experience of starting and operating your own commercial farm.

An Apprentice is Expected to:

  • Live on Farm: we will eat lunch and dinner together in the farmhouse. It is important you respect the farm/farmhouse: please clean up after yourself!

  • Work a Saturday Farmer’s Market from April - November

  • Participate in all aspects of running the Farm, i.e. closing up chickens in the evening

  • Work independently as needed

  • Take ownership in the spirit and quality of our Farm

  • Own a car and cell phone

Type of Work Expected:

  • Care of chicken flocks: opening, feeding, watering and gathering eggs in the morning, closing up at night. Moving egg mobile when needed.

  • Greenhouse seeding, watering and management

  • Field preparation, transplanting and seeding crops, weeding, trellising

  • Pest and disease scouting

  • Setting up, managing and pulling out irrigation and landscape fabric, row cover etc.

  • High tunnel planting, management and moving

  • Harvesting and post harvest handling

  • A lot of farm dishes!

  • Running a Farmer’s Market stand each Saturday

  • Assistance in construction and maintenance projects

  • Deliveries when needed

  • Assistance in event planning: We host a pig picking / pie contest event each October - and possibly other on-farm events throughout the year

Jennifer Sanford-Johnson - IMG_0024.JPG
Jennifer Sanford-Johnson - IMG_0199.JPG

Work Schedule:

March - November 2019

 Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm with one hour for lunch break

  Saturday: 7am - 2pm (April - November)

Total = 52 hours per week

*please be open to working extra hours if absolutely needed

Days off: After market Saturday (April - November) and Sunday

Additional Days off: 1 week (or seven days) to be worked out with Jenn


A small finished apartment located in the barn

  • Includes bathroom, shower, kitchen sink, small kitchen area, mini fridge, microwave and ample lighting with a/c unit and space heater.

  • Electricity in the barn is paid for by the Farm, (please use it conservatively)

  • (Your) visitors to the Farm cannot interfere with the work schedule

  • Extra storage is available in the barn loft

  • Please respect the space and let Jenn know if there are any problems!


Hands on training daily as we work

Formal on-farm classes for 1 hour on Fridays

  • Jenn will provide topics and resources for the first two months’ classes

  • After this period, the apprentice is expected to select their interested topics for Jenn to discuss during class time

  • Self-starting is essential to acquiring the education you want in this position

  • The farm is a busy place sometimes — formal class-time won’t always be possible, but we try our best

Off-farm education and training

  • Farming Workshops and Field Trips will be planned throughout the year with transportation provided by the farm

  • CFSA conference in the Fall, CFSA farm tour in Spring, visits to friends’ farms, etc.

Access to on-farm library

  • Required reading before apprenticeship: The New Organic Farmer by Eliot Coleman and The Market Gardener by Jean- Martin Fortier

  • Reference texts from authors like Pam Dawling, Eliot Coleman, and Jean Martin are excellent reading for the farmer-in-training!

  • Additional Farming Texts will be required reading throughout the year


Housing in the barn apartment

  • Includes electricity, water, and internet (Value: $300 plus $50 in utilities each month)


  • Meals: lunch and dinner will be provided 4 days out of the week (Value: $80/week)

  • Farm produce and eggs: The apprentice is welcome to a reasonable amount of produce and eggs each week (granted they are not desperately needed for CSA) (Value:$30/week)


  • $300/month plus additional compensation for each Farmer’s Market (~$120 per month)


  • One hour per week will be used to teach some aspect of farming following a apprentice curriculum

  • Workshops and farm field trips will also be arranged when they come up (Value: Priceless! Hahha, Kidding! $50/week)

Total Value of Monthly Compensation: $1,410 per month

Please download and complete the Job Application and email it to us along with your resume with subject line Apprenticeship Applicant by January 31st, 2019.